Hi there! thanks for visiting... If you have a few moments, please feel free to have a read on a quick summary of my path so far….

Living and working in the Sevenoaks area, I am a passionate hair stylist with over 14 years experience in the industry, I have been self employed locally for more than 9 years now and absolutely love my job, the other 6 of those years were spent in one of London's most prestigious salons in Chelsea, Richard Ward.

My apprenticeship at Richard Ward didn't only consist of the standard hairdressing NVQ2, we were also trained personally by the salons top staff to complete their very demanding in house training, to ensure all stylists who were able to stay on after the apprenticeship would be up to par with the rest of their talented and experienced staff. These definitely were the hardest years of my hairdressing experience, with 20 juniors all training alongside each other, it really was a case of fighting for your space on the salon floor.

During my training I was very lucky to work as Richard's personal apprentice/assistant as well as the best and busiest talented top hair stylist there, through working with these two for the majority of my apprenticeship, I was able to gain so much valuable and exciting experiences, in and out of the Salon. I was taken along on shoots, shows and catwalks to assist at first and within a few months I had gained the trust to be let loose on the hair myself.

I became very passionate about Kérastase and was sent to become an ambassador, and then went on to train to become a specialist, learning about the specific ingredients in all products and the science behind it all. Throughout my training and after I have attended L'oreal in Hammersmith countless times for various other cutting and styling courses as well as shows too.

After living and breathing hairdressing and completing my training, I was fortunate enough to earn my place on the salon floor, which opened up many more opportunities for me. Having my own space on the floor and my own clients meant the world to me. I was able to gain more experience outside of the salon too, including numerous visits to GMTV, Magazine shoots such as Tatler and Vogue, New clothing labels, Catwalk shows at V&A, the national history museum and for St Martins were just some of the many outings. Trinny and Suzannah's show allowed me a lot of work outside the salon on many occasions, from styling their hair at home as well as travelling to various locations, one of which was a makeover of 32 complete restyles, along side Kate Middleton's personal hair stylist. Kate was a regular client at the salon as well as many other big celebrities, some of who I had the pleasure of styling myself (and I can’t resist to mention here that I have done Kate’s hair too).

I also helped out with Training the apprentices, in hair cutting, in depth consultations and sharing my valuable knowledge and experience with them. 

Outside of hairdressing my other passion has always been dance. I always work very hard to excel in what I put my mind to, and I had competed and won in various competitions - I really wanted to take my dancing further, so it was at this point I decided to have a break from my busy life in London and build up a client base closer to home, so that I could pursue my love for Dance. I auditioned to become a teacher for a huge company called CEROC and was successful, so went on to train and complete my exams and after about 10 months I had fully qualified, and have been teaching a few times a week ever since. I regularly teach a class of around 130-160 people every week, and have performed in front of audiences of 2500. I have really found that this gave me a huge confidence boost as well as keeping up my health and fitness. 

Since leaving the salon I decided to go back to L’oreal in Hammersmith to expand my knowledge in colour. I have attended numerous of their courses even up until recently! I have some more planned for the future, I believe there is always room for improvement and will continue to update my skill. Not is there always much more to learn, but I find it very motivating too!

I believe throughout my career, I have gained very high customer service skills and high professionalism, I am hard working, passionate, and treat each and every client as an individual. There is nothing more satisfying than a happy client!

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope to see you soon!